Assam: RPF NF Railway rescues 1141 children from Human Trafficking during 3 years

In the face of widespread increase in phase of Human Trafficking from Northeast India RPF NF Railway has been ranging an all out offensive for combating the menace in railway stations and railway premises.

Trains are frequently used for transportation of  trafficked children and NF Railway RPF has been able to apprehend a large number of offenders by putting in place full proof security arrangements in stations.

In the year 2017 itself 498 children have been rescued by RPF and as many as 14 traffickers arrested.  During 2016 and 2015, RPF has been able to rescue 437 and 206 children respectively.

 All the divisions have pressed into service mobile security squad in stations and trains to watch for any suspicious movement in trains and stations premises.  T

he rescued children has subsequently handed over to their guardians or to NGOs for their proper care and rehabilitation.

RPF NF Railway has also been doing a commendable service in the field of detection and recovery of contraband goods.

In the year 2017 alone 160 cases of recovery has been made, 68 offenders have been arrested and goods worth Rs.5.1 crore has been recovered.

This is much higher than the figures in the year of 2016 where goods worth Rs.3.6 crore were recovered and 134 cases registered.

This has been possible due to frequent raids and ambush checks conducted by RPF in sensitive areas within the scope of implementation of integrated security system programmes on major station of NF Railway.

CCTV cameras have been installed and control rooms have been set up for real time monitoring of stations and railway premises.



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