Has Ram Madhav landed the BJP in trouble in Nagaland?

Sources said, NSCN literally caught Ram Madhav with his pants down in Nagaland; has threatened to make video public if Nagaland elections not cancelled.

Over the past months, RSS functionary and BJP’s north east in-charge, Ram Madhav has been spending considerable time roaming the north eastern states. Not all of it, it turns out now, is related to spreading the good word about BJP; not unless Madhav’s dissemination techniques go beyond the ones ordinarily known.

In Dimapur last week, Madhav was caught red handed and saffron faced, working well beyond his brief, with two Naga women in a hotel room, highly placed sources have informed The News Joint.

The National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), which got wind of Madhav’s extracurricular activities in Nagaland not only barged into the BJP leader’s room, but also managed to record, on video, Madhav’s activities. If the sources are to be believed, Madhav was forced to perform sexual activities on camera.

Sources told us Madhav was held in captivity by the NSCN for hours. He then made frantic SOS calls to Assam colleague Himanata Biswa Sarma, BJP’s trouble shooter in the North East. Since Dimapur is not easily connected, Sarma took his time to reach, and NSCN, in the meantime, kept Madhav under their watchful eye, sources said.

Sarma himself has been alleged to have connections with the militants in the past and apparently it were these old resources that helped the Assam minister to reach out to the NSCN and secure Ram Madhav’s release.

We have been told that the act and the frantic calls made to Sarma, have all been recorded on tape. Sources said, the NSCN is in possession of hours of video footage, which it has threatened to release in public, “if the BJP-RSS do not give in to its demand to call off the assembly elections in Nagaland, due on February 27.”

Sarma, known for his skullduggery, has been at work in Nagaland trying to keep the lid on the controversy, as well as the footage, sources informed The News Joint. While we are working hard to get you the video, the news now is, as they say, “an open secret.”

Source: The News Joint

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