TR Zeliang resigns as Nagaland CM, assures full support to new govt

TR Zeliang on Tuesday resigned from the 12th Nagaland Legislative Assembly and thanked the people of the state for the huge mandate they had given to the Naga People’s Front. “After coming to know of the decision of BJP severing ties with NPF, I am submitting the resignation of the council of ministers headed by me,” said the outgoing chief minister.

Zeliang further said that the decision was also taken after confirming the position of allies JD(U) and NPP, who he said has “taken a U-turn.” The JD(U) and NPP had declared support to NPF, but after the fractured verdict crossed over to the NDPP-BJP alliance.

Clarifying on the controversy surrounding his meeting with the governor to stake claim to form the government, Zeliang asserted that he has been following normal procedures as the leader of the single largest party which had the support of the NPP and JD(U). “They ( NPP and JD(U) leaders) came personally along with me and submitted their letter of support to the governor,” Zeliang said.

He added that he had sent two separate communique to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and BJP chief Amit Shah to know about their stand “pertaining to the formation of coalition government as in the past 15 years.”

“We didn’t have a pre-poll alliance (with the BJP),” Zeliang acknowledged but pointed out that even BJP was not in a pre-poll alliance with NPF in 2003 but were invited to be a part of the government after the election results.

While extending his complete support to issues pertaining to the larger good of Nagas even as an Opposition leader, Zeliang categorically said, “The fact that the electorate in Nagaland have given 27 seats to the NPF is a factor that has to be taken into account in all political processes including those of development and peace in Nagaland.”

TR Zeliang highlighted that the NPF has been in the service of the people of Nagaland for 15 years and assured that he and his party would continue to serve people even from the Opposition bench. “I assure the Naga people that we will extend full support to the new government wherever the action of the government is in larger interest of the Nagas apart from playing a constructive role of opposition in furthering the overall cause of the Nagas,” he said asserting that solution to the Naga political issue would continue to be NPF’s priority and assured his full cooperation towards that.



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