NNC clarifies position on polls

Seeking to clarify its position on election, the Naga National Council (NNC) on Wednesday asserted that it stood for Naga solidarity and sovereignty and “has nothing to do with the Indian imposed state election.”

In a statement, NNC president, “Gen (Retd.)” Thinoselie M Keyho, said that lately the frequent use of two hackneyed words — ‘Solution’ and ‘Election’ in different phrases such as ‘Solution before Election’, ‘Election for Solution’, ‘Solution, not Election’ etc, have created much confusion in the minds of Naga people.

“Gen (Retd.)” Keyho said Naga case was not beyond human solution, provided it was taken up in fair deal and in a transparent and holistic manner. He said NNC does not believe in solution by taking the matter up faction by faction and on a piecemeal basis.

Asserting that NNC was not against any settlement by anyone for Naga sovereignty, NNC president, however, stated that any agreement should not weaken past achievements nor block the way of future progress by coming generations. “NNC feels that all Nagas should come together under one common platform, for which I would suggest that the best platform would be our Naga’s first and original house or institute. Here, all should be included and given due importance for any collective venture or decision,” said “Gen (Retd.)” Keyho.

He stated that any delay in settlement by any authority, be it India or Burma (Myanmar), may only compound the problem.

Further, “Gen (Retd.)” Keyho cautioned that any reckless or ‘ex-parte’ settlement leaving out some of Naga peoples and lands would be incomplete and counter-productive.



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