Nagaland Polls: Suspicious cash withdrawals under IT scanner

Suspicious cash transactions in Dimapur have come under the scanner of the Income Tax Department, with the department issuing 15 summons to various individuals today.

The summons have been issued under section 131 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 to persons or entities who have made cash withdrawals of more than Rs 10 lakhs after the declaration of the Nagaland State Assembly Elections 2018.

Official sources informed that the summons, include one sent to the brother of a candidate contesting the elections. This is only the first batch of summons, with the department receiving daily reports from all banks on suspicious cash transactions.

With the Election Model Code of Conduct coming into force in the state, surveillance teams comprising of Income Tax officials have been set up in all the district headquarters of the state. The teams monitor cash movement during the elections and work towards implementation of Election Expenditure Monitoring by way of seizure of unaccounted money suspected to be used in the election.

The sources further informed that an Air Surveillance Unit has been set up in Dimapur Airport and an Railway Intelligence Unit has been set up in Dimapur Railway Station to monitor the movement of cash.



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