Modi bluffed Nagas on solution: Congress

All India Congress Committee (AICC) Secretary, Dr. K. Jayakumar on Sunday, slammed the BJP government at the centre for going ahead with the State Assembly elections without bringing a solution to the protracted Naga issue.

In a press conference at Aier’s Enclave, Dimapur, Dr. Jayakumar said he expected Prime Minister Narendra Modi to at least profoundly apologize to the people of Nagaland during his rally at Tuensang for going ahead with the assembly elections without a solution to Naga issue.

Dr.Jayakumar said Modi should have at least apologised to the people out of courtesy for going ahead with the elections. “On the contrary, Modi said that discussions with the government were on and various groups are participating in it. He (Modi) also said anybody can come and give their views anytime on the issue”. If this was the status, Dr.Jayakumar asked, then “how long should the talks be allowed go on? It is time to put an embargo against prolonging talks” he added.

Dr.Jayakumar further added that Modi’s remark indicated that there is no deadline to when the Naga issue will be solved.”

The AICC secretary also accused Modi of bluffing the Nagas. “When we talk of solution, he talks of development… We did not ask for development. We asked for solution,” Jayakumar said.

Further he pointed out that the prime minister has been giving tall promises but all of them have never been fulfilled. For instance he said Modi announced Rs.90,000 crore for roads in the north east in 2017 with an eye for the 2018 Nagaland, Meghalaya and Tripura elections but there was not a single paisa earmarked in the 2018 budget. Again, Jayakumar said the prime minister promised Rs.10, 000 crore for road connectivity during his election rally at Tuensang another Rs.400 crore for Nagaland healthcare, Rs.1800 crore for Kohima smart city.
“None of these things have been mentioned in the 2018 budget…He is bluffing the people of Nagaland,” he added.

The AICC secretary also accused Modi of bringing instability to the north eastern region and dubbing him as “the father of instability in north east.” Dr. Jayakumar accused BJP of manipulation on governments in various parts of the country. He said Congress, on the other hand, always strived for stability of the north eastern region and the country.

While calling upon the Naga people not to sell their faith and integrity but to vote according to conscience, Dr. Jayakumar said, “If BJP wins in Nagaland, I would say Christianity has been sold and that Christianity has been bartered for money.”

On Congress coming to a post-poll alliance with Naga People’s Front (NPF), Jayakumar said that the party is not supporting NPF but would want to be a part of a secular front. He admitted Congress cannot form a government on its own, however, it will be the play maker for forming the government after the elections



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