Fire devastate families in Neisatuo colony

A fire broke out at Neisatuo Colony, here on Friday and razed around 10 houses rendering more than 20 families homeless.

The fire reportedly broke out at around 2 p.m. when most of the tenants and sub-tenants of the hutments were out for work. . Fortunately no one was reported to have been injured in the incident.
Although the fire tenders reached the site as soon as they received the call, the strong wind coupled with the dried bamboo knitted walls made it impossible for any of the residents to retrieve their belongings.
An inconsolable tenant said she had gone to fetch her child from school and by the time she returned, her house was completely engulfed by the fire. As soon as news of the fire spread, thousands of people from nearby colonies thronged to the site, some to help and others out of curiosity.

Acting chairman of the colony, Alezo Keditsu, who was at the venue taking stock of the situation, lauded the fire brigade saying they responded in time and had helped stop the fire from spreading to the nearby cluster of houses.

Gaonbura (GB) incharge of the colony, Nillo Gonmei, also present at the site said, except for two three families, most of the tenants were very poor people engaged in daily labour.

Later, the district administration led by Deputy Commissioner Dimapur, reached the spot and were seen helping the fire victims both in cash and in kind.


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