Common platform: Water supply, toilets, roads demanded

“We want water supply and better road connectivity,” said a young voter at Kitsubozou colony. One of the oldest colonies in Kohima Town, citizens of Kitsubozou – which comes under the 14th Southern Angami Assembly Constituency – today struggle with scarcity of water, toilets, road connectivity, and displacement of residents following a landslide last year.

Organising a common platform on February 19, the Kitsubozou Colony Panchayat highlighted their struggles amidst discussion and debates among the candidates of the constituency.

The four candidates of 14th Southern Angami A/C – Nagakul Tase (INC), Khrielezo Bio (NPF), Medokul Sophie (NPP), Vikho-o Yhoshii (NDPP) – shared the common platform and discussed issues and concerns.

“When there is no development, people do not live in harmony,” said the Chairman of the Panchayat while briefing the problems and challenges of the area. The Panchayat appealed to the candidates to follow up on the implementations of their immediate requirements such as proper drainage systems, better road connectivity, constructions to prevent landslides and employment avenues.

“The roads and drainage problems have affected the residents for long. We have a few rich people in our area but majority of us are poor. Some cannot even afford three meals a day,” stated the Chairman.

Criticising the lack of developments in the past by the elected representatives, Nagakul Tase stated that his priorities will be uplifting the poor and development in the constituency if elected. While expressing hope that Congress will come to power again, Tase also disapproved of the NDPP-BJP alliance targeting BJP for its alleged communal and religious persecutions across the country.

“In the past, it (14th Southern Angami AC) was one of the best constituencies but today there is no progress. The basic needs and requirements are absent. And there are over a thousand unemployed graduates in the constituency,” said Medokul Sophie.

Sophie pointed out that his priorities, if elected, will be firstly to bring water supply in the area, and constructions of toilets, road connectivity. “We are living in a stagnant society. A major concern is the complacency and stagnancy of our youth,” he said reminding the voters that when they vote for him, they are voting for the progression of the society and youth, to eradicate poverty, and to bring development.

Expressing concern that there are so much to be done for the constituency, Vikho-o Yhoshü said, “My political mission has been to do good to conquer evil and for the progress of my people.” Yhoshü also cited shortcomings in his previous term where he could not contribute much due to the instable government. “When a government is instable, it has been observed that society does not progress,” he said, exuding confidence in the leadership of Rio, whom he hopes, will bring stability and development in Nagaland.

Meanwhile, Khrielezo Bio asserted, “I want to give my best to work for the constituency.” Bio, who posited that NPF has been a leading party asserting the Naga cause from the beginning of Statehood, urged the electorate not to vote for a Hindu party, and to affirm the Naga identity and Christian beliefs.



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