Agencies working to sabotage Indo-Naga solution: NSCN (R)

DIMAPUR, MARCH 8 (MExN): The NSCN (Reformation) on Thursday reiterated that it wanted solution with India which is durable and beneficial to both India and the Nagas.

However, the NSCN (R) in a press release through its office of the Ceasefire Supervisory Board claimed that “some agencies of India are working tirelessly to ensure that no solution is arrived at between India and Nagas.”

The NSCN (R) alleged that these agencies are “provoking Naga groups who are in ceasefire with India to break ceasefire by instigating CFSB Board that weapons all over Nagaland is being transported by special ceasefire identity card holders and arresting workers and cadres.”

It stated that such agencies were working just for their selfish gains because if solution is arrived at, there will be no way for them to gain from huge funds given by India for its internal security. The NSCN (R) has therefore asked all workers and cadres to remain vigil.




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