This Naga painter will give you some serious painting goals!

Meet K Free Themreichan, a young handsome and gifted artist from Ukhrul who has been making waves with his brilliant paintings. Over the years he has taken up social cause through his beautiful art. 

His recent realistic painting will give you a serious painting goals and make you look again to confirm if its really a painting or a photograph!

Check this out.

Themreichan Arts

Yes, that’s a painting!

We know its super hard to believe that it’s actually a painting.  Every minute details seems just perfect.

For your reference here’s a comparison of the original photography and painting pictures.

Themreichans art


Themreichan has Masters degree in Fine Arts Painting from College of Arts Delhi. He has done exhibitions including:

– Camlin Art 2011

– 53th National Exhibition of Art

– State Kala Academy Manipur 2010

– State Kala Academy Manipur 2009

His project “Village life” were showcased and sold some at Hornbill Festival 2014. The Village Life projects  a series on the surroundings, lifestyle and daily chores of Tangkhul Nagas in small villages.

His Inspirations

I was born and brought up on the picturesque hills of Manipur. Growing up in nature’s lap left a deep fondness for nature. When started out I was inspired by the impressionist.”

He is also grim on preserving our culture with his art as he explains-

Being one of the first artists in my community I too have great responsibilities of preserving and bringing awareness about the culture of my people.” 

I’ve worked on series of Naga’s culture, portraits and traditional art. I’ve experimented with new techniques to find out the most effective ways of showcasing traditional arts.


He has also mastered the art of paintings in feathers! Here’s one from his collection to amaze you.

K. Free Themreichan


Check out some of his brilliant paintings.

You can check out the artist on FaceBook here- Themreichan Kasom.

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Pic Source: Artist FB page


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