Album ‘Grace’ in memory of late Azha released

The 2nd album of Ameü Üsou Zao “Grace” in memory of late Azhanyü Üsou the Production Manager of Ameü Üsou Zao & The Choir, an album collection of choral pieces, echoing God’s great grace and heartfelt melodies of praises to God the Almighty was released by former DGP Zhiebu Kire at state academy hall on February 3.

Kire in his brief address lauded the effort of Ameü and choir for successfully releasing the 2nd album “Grace” which was released in memory of late Azha. He also recalled that late Rev. Dr. Neiliezhü Üsou had left a lifetime propagating his legacy.

The release programme intertwined with a memorial program bringing back memories of Late Rev Dr Neiliezhü Üsou and Late Azhanyü Üsou.

The programme was chaired by Thejangulie Zao, invocation was made by Tepusaho Tase senior pastor MHBC, Ameü Üsou Zao and choir presented a song titled “Last Serenade” composed by late Azha Üsou.
Memoirs of Late Azhanyü Üsou was shared by Aleü Üsou, lighting of candles by Rüülhouü Üsou, scripture reading and dedicatory prayer was offered by Rev. Dr. Tseibu Rutsa, while benediction was said by Rev. Ketou Theünuo.



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